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Growing up in a hungarian tailoring family in Germany I swept with the hippie flow years ago to the island of Ibiza.

There I created my own way of living and working. By the time my branch Salvaje Atelier  and Loli Pop Ibiza became reality.

Meanwhile people all over the world love mine in artistic manner created fancy clothes which you can buy on famous Las Dalias Hippiemarket in Ibiza and in various shops throughout.

I produce mainly in five places in the world, Ibiza, Nepal, Thailand, India and Indonesia due to the fact that I like to travel and love to meet and work with people from various cultures.

Therefore small businesses and families in these countries benefit directly from my productions and all the work is done following my idea "for children not with children".

So your family and children can enjoy as well wearing a piece produced with love and with the dream of creating a better world



Children in Namche Bazar in Nepal 2010



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  • "Thanks for your fine dresses. Our little daughter is so proud wearing white princess outfit"
    satisfied Mom and Dad

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