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2016 A dream comes true

Adventure trip-jungle trekk to see the last remaining Orang Utans in Sumatra. Besides Sumatra the only place where you find them as well is Borneo.

Save the rain forests which is their only habitat left on this planet.!

We also met Tarzan on the 3 day trekk and I hope you like my new familiy, mother Jacky holding her little baby and beside her already a bit grown up son, quiet a joky nasty clown.

That was the base to free my mind from a hard but  succesful season 2015,   creating  the 2016 line.

Thanks to all my customers.

Love and peace and now check it out.

That is Tarzan, my guide and Expert in handling and finding the wild Orang Utans.

Come on climb with me!


and her child.

She was captured and  badly treatet  in her young years by humans.

The rehabilitation centre could outwilder her succesfully into the rainforest again.

There she lives now still not trusting people.

Therefore already 100 tourist including guides got biten.

Please take care and love any animal your surrounded with.

A bath in the jungle waterfall was needed and very

welcomed after the trekk

You want to see them? Thats where you go in Sumatra. Be prepaired, 36º centigrade, 95% humidity and  30 hills are awating you.

Also lots of fun, kisses for 2016 from   LOLI POP and Hippy love.

See  you in Ibiza.

A succesful year 2016:

International award for fashion design and work in tourism at the


Paris exhibition: "Imagine no more war". 

The awarded Photo and fashion  design.